Marshall Hobbs

“Why am I voting and supporting President Trump and the Republican party? Because Democrats you will never take my 2nd Amendment Rights away. You will never get my firearm only from my cold dead hand. That’s how you lost me Democrats. The President and the Republican party are protecting my rights. Get it!

Why I support and will vote for President Trump and the Republican party? The Democrats do not understand one of the basic responsibilities of the Federal Government is to Protect our Borders. Illegal immigration hurts Black Americans. I worked with a Mexican female who had the audacity to brag about her whole family are illegal immigrants. She took a College seat from a Black Female. She took that position which paid very well from a black American female. Thank you President Trump and the Republican party for protecting our border. Unlike the Democrat party which supports illegal immigration taking from those who blindly support them. They need the Black vote to win which they have taken for granted over 40 years. Are you tired of wondering in the wilderness? Vote based on your best interest. Not based on party or personalities. Be Blessed.”
Marshall Hobbs

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  1. Brooke Allen says:

    He worked for the Obama administration and the Democrat Party left him – so true for so many people!

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