Vince & Mona Puente


“Voting is one of the ways I can put action to my faith, and how I vote is an extension of my faith.  My faith is about:

  • caring for all human beings created by God–which definitely includes the innocent unborn
  • the safety of our fellow man
  • upholding the laws set before us by our founding fathers who looked to God for guidance as they laboriously created our constitution  

The Republican platform supports these things, and that is why I vote Republican!”

Mona Puente

“My faith is the filter for my life, business and financial decisions.  So, when it comes to engaging our political system, it is no different.  I evaluate political parties and candidates thru my Evangelical Christian filter.  Granted, no candidate or political party is perfect (nor am I!) but I try my best to align my faith with my politics.  I vote with the Republican Party as it’s platform, and majority of Republican candidates, best represent my faith and the quality of life I want for my family and the families that work on my company’s team.”

Vince Puente

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