Porsha Jackson

  1. It doesn’t only pertain to why I vote republican, it has more to do with why I even vote at all. My life and my liberty is tied up in my vote, I vote because my ancestors died for the right for me to do so. 
  2. Because I’ve never felt comfortable with a party that actively encourages the demise of black Americans. Everything that embodies the character of what I understand to be a Democrat, is everything that has caused black America to fail and continue to fail years after being set free. 
  3. Because welfare is not a full time job. It’s a leg up …rather a helping hand to get you through the bad times. I cannot support the abuse of a system that allows you to handicap yourself on purpose. 
  4. Because I will never in my life be comfortable with the idea that taking guns away from law abiding citizens who only want to protect themselves and their families is the answer. I refuse to adopt the ideology that allows the criminals to continually criminalize those of us that don’t want any trouble. I can’t stand for it. I won’t vote for it. 
  5. Because I can’t rely on policies that make excuses for many and only benefit the few. 
  6. Because I’m allowed to be a woman. I’m allowed to want a husband and a family. 
  7. Because I don’t have to apologize for the things I say or the actions I make. Within the Republican Party I’m allowed to be a human and not a robot. As a Republican, if I fall? I’m allowed to get back up. 
  8. When I realized who I was? I became a Republican. I don’t fit the narrative nor do I breed the stereotype. There’s no going back. 
  9. Because I can make my dreams come true within the Republican Party and acknowledge that as a FACT. I’m able to be proud of myself outloud. I’m able to participate in the reality of the success that I can create for myself without being dependent on “da man” but being dependent on myself. 
  10. Because accountability and self responsibility is what I prioritize over all things in my life. I deserve to give myself my best chance with the only life that I have. The Republican Party grants liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I’m happy…

Porsha Jackson 

Visionary, Dreamer, Believer “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. Do it so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.” -MLKJ

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